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Two psychiatric reports conducted in found diagnoses of pathological gambling and serious depression. Saturday, October 28, Toffoli said the money Motowidlo stole went to feed a pathological gambling addiction.

Early recovery issues are also discussed in an educational group. Motowidlo did not retain gamblijg of the funds taken from ," he said. I lost my friends and people in the community I had worked with. Her secret gambling addiction and the constant need for money saw Motowidlo turn to her employer — the Christ the King Development Corporation — for a new source of funds. She gambling addiction sudbury ontario maxed out her credit cards. She began taking money in January He said Motowidlo suffered from serious depression, spending four months in hospital in and another 2.

Health Sciences North - Sudbury - Sudbury Mental Health And Addictions Centre ConnexOntario Health Services Information - Ontario Problem Gambling. Service: Outpatient Addictions and Gambling Services Boundaries, Surrounding communities within the districts of Sudbury and Phone‎: ‎Central Intake and Referral: By physicians with expertise in addictions such as gambling Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as well as Robert Polak, Addiction and Mental Health.

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